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How do I know when to paint the exterior of my home?
One way to know is to rub your hand on the exterior of your home and if there is any chalk on your hand, the paint is starting to or already has broken down. Another way is to look at the house and if the colors look faded then it is time to paint your house.

How do I know what type of paint to use on the exterior of my home?

We use only 100% acrylic paint, with the florida climate, 100% acrylic paint gives the best durability, color retention and protection.

Do I need a flat or and eggshell finish for my interior walls?

While most people want an eggshell or semi gloss finish for wash ability, when asked most people don’t wash their walls. An eggshell or semi gloss finish will not touch up and will show a “halo” around the touched up area, also they will show more imperfections in the walls.  A premium flat paint however will have some wash ability and will be able to touch up if the stains are not able to be washed off.

How to know if a contractor is licensed?

You can go to www.sunbiz.org and see if the company is licensed. You can check with the county (www.palmbeachcounty.com), link to business tax, to see if they have a current occupational license. You can also check with the better business bureau.

How do I pick a paint color?

There are several ways to choose your colors, one way is to go to a local paint retailer and pick up some paint swatches after that you can purchase a small container of the color you are thinking about and try a small sample on the wall, paper swatches area good start, but the actual paint is the best way to see the color in the exact light and how the color goes with the furniture, roof, drapes etc. most retailers offer small jars just for this. 

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